Sneaker Grandeur Unlocked

Discover the epitome of luxury with the Sneaker Vault, a revolutionary product that redefines sneaker storage. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this exquisite sneaker crate is not just a container, but a showcase for your prized sneaker collection


Experience your sneaker collection like never before with built-in LED lights.
Choose between two enchanting lighting modes: crisp white and inviting warm white, perfectly tailored to your preference.
The Sneaker Vault brings your sneakers to life with its sound activation mode.

Effortless Versatile Stackability

With the Sneaker Vault, you have the freedom to create your dream sneaker wall, either vertically or horizontally, adapting to your space and style.

For vertical stacking, each crate is equipped with gold-plated pins at the bottom that seamlessly slide into the slot provided on top of the lower crate, ensuring a secure and stable arrangement.

For horizontal stacking, simply connect the wires from one Sneaker Vault to another, effortlessly expanding your collection in style.

Bezel-Less Doors. Magnetic Closure.

Features a bezel-less, plush clear acrylic door, offering an unobstructed view of your beloved sneakers.The seamless design exudes sophistication, highlighting the elegance of your collection while effortlessly blending with any décor.

The door of the Sneaker Vault gracefully closes with magnetic locks, ensuring a secure and elegant seal, protecting your treasured sneakers while maintaining easy access for you.

Sneads Gift card
Rs. 500.00

What's in the box?

5 x Attaching Sides
1 x Acrylic Clear Plush Door
1 x USB Type B to Type C Chord

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