"My sneakers were like a toxic gas leak. Thanks to Sneads bundle, I can walk without fearing for my life!"

Everything you need for 360-Degree sneaker care

  • All in one bundle for any kind of shoe in the world
  • 360 degree protection and cleaning from inside to outside
  • Build your own bundle (that suits your personal needs)

40,000+ ★★★★★Reviews

Ships in 12 hours


40,000 ★★★★★Reviews

Build your bundle

Ship in 12 hours


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Tested in live events
tested in extreme conditions
no chemical smell
works on all shoes
  • All natural cleaners

    All our shoe cleaning products.

    are Natural plant-based cleaners.

  • Indian born

    Proudly, Sneads was born in the financial capital of the fasterst growing economy of the world, Mumbai, India

  • Family of 40,000+

    Shoe lovers all over India has shown us immense love over the past 1 year

  • Super-Fast Delivery

    With our exclusive partner logistics network we make sure your shoe's wont be dirty or long once you order Sneads.

  • Game Changer!

    "It simplifies my sneakers care routine sooo much and give me peace of mind knowing my shoes are well-protected and well-cared-for. Every product really gives my kicks a spa-like treatment"

    Krutika S.

    Verified Buyer

  • Must Have for Sneakerheads

    "I specially loved the nuggets and the bag. No matter how dirty my Jordans are, I simply put these nuggets in my washing machine, and with the sneaker, the work is done"

    Nimit P.

    Verified Buyer

  • Best in Market

    "Tried 10 different brands with my 20 different sneakers. Hands down Sneads is the only I truly recommand. I wish I had bought this kit sooner, it would've saved at least 4 of my sneakers."

    Mark F.

    Verified Buyer

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40,000+ ★★★★★Reviews

Ships in 12 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Foam Rush?

It is a piece of cake.

Step 1: Pour warm water in bowl and dip a brush

Step 2: Pump the foam on the brush

Step 3: Scrub the shoe. Go 2-3 rounds on hard stains.

Step 4: Wipe it off with a microfibre towel or air dry

What shoes does Foam Rush, Odourless, Laundry Bags, Laundry Nuggets, and SPF work on?

These products works on any kind of shoe. But please mind not to colored suede in cleaning process that involves water.

How to use Laundry Nuggets?

Three simple steps:

Step 1: Put your sneakers into a laundry bag

Step 2: Put a laundry nugget into the washing machine along with your sneakers on normal wash

Step 3: Always cold wash. Do not dry in washing machine. Always air dry.

How bottles shoes does 1 SPF bottle cover?

You can cover up to 3-4 pairs in one bottle

For how long does the SPF last?

The SPF stays on your shoes like a shield for up to 20 days.